Welcome Racers!

Uh oh.  Another blog on this here internets?  Another blog vying for my precious, limited free time and attention!?  Yes indeed, but hopefully, you’ll want to stick around for a while…and here’s why…

When I started racing, one of the first things that struck me about it was the learning curve. Well, it wasnt so much of a learning curve as it was a line, and that line may as well had been vertical.  That was so frustrating to me!  I love racing, and so badly wanted to participate, but in the past i was pretty much a spectator, and I didn’t really come from a family of racers so any practical racing experience I had was virtually none.  So then I turned to the greatest resource on the planet – the internet – for guidance, and I found it…lacking.

A majority of the karting knowledge on the internet seems to be compiled into endless pages of forum posts and very few cohesive ‘how to’ articles.  Don’t get me wrong!  The forums (ekartingnews.com is the best, ever) are a phenomenal resource, and there are so many knowledgable people on there that it will make your head spin.  However, as a new guy, I didn’t even know how to change an axle, much less where to start!  Most of my learned knowledge has come from my 6 years of hands on experience at the track, and much of that was learned in the line of fire, in a rush in-between race sessions after something went wrong.  That’s a pretty expensive way to learn.  I’ve been very fortunate in my karting ‘career’ to have hooked up with some of the best racers around, and they were kind enough to share their know-how with me.  And now, I aim to share that with you, so that you don’t always have to go to the track unprepared.  Obviously, getting hands-on with karting is the best way to learn, but being prepared at the track can be a huge time and money saver, and those are two very valuable things in racing!

So what am I trying to say in this horribly long winded introduction?  I’ve seen many people get scared off when they first jump into karting by the incredibly steep learning curve, I want to help the beginner out with some articles, and some instructional videos.  My intent is to not be a news site (ekartingnews.com already has that covered), and i’m not here to tell you how to drive (that’s something you need to get your butt in the seat and figure out for yourself, although i’ll probably chime in at some point).  I’m not the wealthy racer that can throw money at a program -never have been- i’m the average working class racer, and i’ve learned how to get the most from your karting buck.  So this is frugal Karting!  Karting for the rest of us!  Get out to the track and have fun, that’s really what it’s all about.


~Some Articles/Videos that I’ve got in the pipeline~

  • -How To: Change an axle, mount a seat, change a kart tire, bearing maintenance…
  • Racing/Karting fitness
  • Race reports
  • Onboard video
  • Quick tips & tricks
  • Having fun & staying sane in the offseason
  • Other motorsports shenanigans
  • Deals on parts & gear
  • …and more…..!

*Caution: I can and will go off topic!  Karting, Formula 1, Indy Cars, Sports Cars, NASCAR, Camping, Hiking, Craft Beer & Homebrewing (my other passions) will all probably show up eventually!  My mind wanders sometimes…… 🙂 *

Thanks for reading!

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