Karting Documentary: Become One

So here’s something pretty awesome that you don’t see every day; a full length documentary focusing on our little world of karting.  You can’t actually watch it anywhere because it’s merely in the conception stage, but videographer John Shofner wants to do something amazing.  If you’re not familiar with John’s work, you really should be, he’s put together some outstanding karting videos lately.  Very rock and roll, beautifully shot in HD gloriousness, something i’ve never really seen for karting.  Now he wants to put together a karting documentary, and if the level of quality compares to all of his other work, this would be the perfect thing we need to promote and grow our sport.

He has the project up on Kickstarter, and backers are needed!  I’ve put in my pledge, now its time for yours!  There’s a great thread on the EKN forums with John speaking frankly about the project, and it gets me pretty excited!  Right now it’s pretty far away from the goal, but there is still time to make this happen!  Just watch the teaser, it was enough to convince me.

Here’s the link to Kickstarter.

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