The off season, all season long

My 2012 Karting season in its natural my garage.

My 2012 Karting season in its natural habitat….in my garage.

Well, it’s nearly 2013, and this past year hasn’t gone quite the way that I planned. I had already earmarked 2012 as a season to regroup, refocus, and come back strong in 2013. But, that didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, I didn’t race once this year! Worse still, was the fact that I only got my kart out to the track once for practice…and that day was cut short by an electrical problem.

I pinned my hopes of racing at least once on a last-gasp effort in October, but of course we had a freakish cold snap that weekend, and the race was rescheduled for a weekend that I couldn’t attend. That officially marked the first time in 6 years (since I started in Karting) that I haven’t raced a kart at all in a given year! It sucks. It’s disappointing and a little embarrassing, but such is life.

For a number of reasons that I won’t go into, 2012 sucked for me personally…I’m quite glad to see it go. The summer had about a 3 week stretch that ruined the rest of the year for me, including a totaled car and a storm of the century that flooded my basement. By the time all of that was over, it was October and it seemed like I just blinked. The biggest highlight of my year was my trip to the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix, but that wasn’t until November.

Now it seems like all of the bad is behind me (it had better be…), and I can look forward to 2013. I have a kart that’s been totally rebuilt from the ground up, and it’s barely seen the track. I have a fun 100cc project to work on. And there’s even talk about a state racing series for Colorado (wait, we do this every year and nothing happens…)!

I’ve got some good stuff planned for this blog (and I should have time to work on it too). 2013 could be – should be – a bright year. It had better be…otherwise I’m going to go crazy.

This guy needs to race! Happy Holdays, all!

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