Good news, everyone!

Hell has frozen over. Pigs have flown. I am apparently the last man on earth.
Whatever sort of metaphor you’d like to use, it’s all true…Colorado Karting is BACK.

Not that it was ever gone, but it’s been a shadow of its former self in recent years. We have 5 permanent karting tracks in this wonderful state, but it’s been many years since there has been a regional series to visit them all (or at least most of them) in one season. Lets put whatever reasons (or whatever reason you think it was) for that behind us, because that era is over, and you can finally challenge for the true title of ‘Rocky Mountain Champion’.

SKUSA returned to the ‘Mountain Region’ (Colorado and Utah) a couple years back and has been steadily building a good presence amongst the Shifterkart and TaG drivers. For 2013 they will be bringing you their excellent, professionally run, nationally recognized Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge from both sides of the continental divide. The schedule consists of 2 race weekends on the Western Slope (Grand Junction and Miller Motorsports) and two in the Metro Denver area (IMI and The Track @ Centennial). You can read more about it in the SKUSA press release, here.

Basically, the meat of it is this; 7 races with double headers at all of the rounds except for IMI, and local options of the Rotax Challenge classes ensure that most of the popular classes (at least in the metro area) are covered. You may notice that this schedule does not include all tracks in Colorado, but it’s a hell of a start.

So, as of this writing, the Colorado karting schedule looks a bit like this…


27th-28th – Racing the Rockies (Round 1, all races at The Track @ Centennial)


3rd-5th – SKUSA ProKart @ Miller Motorsports (Rounds 1 & 2)
5th – Pikes Peak Kart Racing (Round 1, all races at SBR Motorsports)
18th-19th – Racing the Rockies (Round 2)
24th-25th – SKUSA ProKart @ IMI Motorsports (Round 3)


2nd – Pikes Peak Kart Racing (Round 2)
22nd-23rd – Racing the Rockies (Round 3)


5th-7th – SKUSA ProKart @ Grand Junction Motor Speedway (Rounds 4&5)
7th – Pikes Peak Kart Racing (Round 3)
13th-14th – Racing the Rockies (Round 4)


4th – Pikes Peak Kart Racing (Round 4)
10th-11th – Racing the Rockies (Round 5)
16th-18th – SKUSA ProKart @ The Track @ Centennial (Rounds 6&7)


7th-8th – Racing the Rockies (Round 6)
8th – Pikes Peak Kart Racing (Round 5)

It’s a pretty well balanced schedule with only a handful of conflicts (which is unavoidable). As usual, I hope to support them all in some way, but I really am gunning for the SKUSA races on the front range, plus at least one trip over the divide.

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