Fast Friday Video: Porsches 918 Spyder obliterating the Nürburgring lap record

Remember when I used to post Fast Friday videos?  Remember when I used to post at all?  Yeah…me either.

Porsche recently took their epic 918 Spyder to the Nurburgring, and with the help of factory ace Marc Lieb, smashed the production car lap record.  Marcs time of 6:57 is actually faster than Niki Laudas F1 lap record of 6:58.6 set in 1975!  Think about that for a second.  This is a car that you can buy (if you have $1m USD) and drive on the road.  It has air conditioning.  You can drive to the shops in it.  Faster than a Ferrari F1 car (from 1975, but still).

Oh, and the optional Weissach package it was fitted with?  A paltry $84,000….but just look at that livery.

Well, for the triumphant return of Fast Friday, I present to you the complete, uncut footage of the record lap.

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