Hi.  I’m Jon and i’m the writer here on The Slip Angle, thanks for reading!

My Karting story begins in 2005.  After watching Dan Wheldon win the epic 2005 Indy 500 with my Dad, we stopped in at a local kart track here in Colorado on our way home.  Thus began many long hours on the internet researching, shopping, reading forums and watching videos.  My first kart was an old KRT/Rotax, and I was in way too far over my head in that first season, but I was hooked.  My first race ended 400 miles from home, in the dirt at turn 1 (on lap 1) with a broken go-kart.  Slowly, i started to figure things out, (finally) won a track championship in 2009, and switched to racing Stock Honda Shifterkarts in 2010.  Now, years later, i’m here on your internets.  I’ll be bringing you quality original content about Karting (and many other things off topic, i’m sure!).

If you have anything you want to see added to the site, comments, suggestions, rants, or just want to throw some expletives in my direction, drop me an email!  I want to hear from my readers so we can make this the best Karting blog around!

See you on the grid.

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  1. For the LO206 installation, can you show photos of the required breather / catch can(s) installation? I have understand the rules require 2 items to be vented, and have not been able to find photos of the method for installing the vent & catch can. References to the parts purchased would be appreciated.

    • Sure thing, i’ll snap some pics when I get the chance. There’s not much to it, though. The engine should have shipped with a funny looking ‘s’ shaped hose, which fits into the hole in the valve cover. You can also fit a length of fuel hose into that and run it to a catch can somewhere on the kart. I’ve just zip-tied mine to one of the rear bearing hangers, and it works just fine.

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