Alright. Here’s the fun part.  Disclaimers!

* This is a blog, whatever that is.  The views expressed on this blog (as well as Twitter, Facebook, etc) are of the author’s own opinion and are just that – opinion.  They do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, or any organizations, persons or groups that I may be affiliated with.  I am only human; can (and will) make mistakes, and change opinion.  As such, the content is subject to revision and change at any time.  The content on this blog is never represented as fact, and is merely a collection of the author’s knowledge on the subject.  I cannot claim to be an “expert”! *


Karting, or any form of Motorsport, is dangerous!  By participating or spectating in any Motorsport, you acknowledge the risk of injury or death.  Always wear all approved safety equipment, follow all safety guidelines, and ensure safe operation of all vehicles.  The author assumes no liability of any accident that results from participation, or from any mechanical failure of equipment.  The reader should always operate within the limits of their mechanical knowledge, and never perform maintenance or a repair that they are not comfortable with.  Use your head!  Remember, Speed safely!

Heath, Fitness, Nutrition & Exercise

The author is not, nor will ever claim to be, a health or medical professional.  Any exercise carries risk, and you should always consult a Doctor or Medical Professional prior to beginning any exercise program.  The fitness and exercise content on this blog is merely the experience and opinion of the author -a fitness enthusiast.  What ‘works’ for me may not work for you!  Any injury is a responsibility of the user and not the author.  Again, use your head!


Unless expressly implied, the media content on this blog is not necessarily the property of The Slip Angle.  Images and/or video may be obtained from public sources (such as Google Image Search, YouTube, etc), and are never used with any rights or ownership implied.  I’m not here to make enemies, just to write a quality blog!  If you have any issues with The Slip Angle using content not of unique origin, please contact us!!

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